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The ACROMANCER was once a powerful wizard that was seeking an ancient artifact, which would allow him to enter the underworld's locked areas and realm of the dead. Knowing of the wizard's quest, HADES summoned a small ARCHFIEND army to capture the mystic and his artifact before reaching the gates to the underworld. HADES also believed that with the mystic's knowledge and the artifact's dark energy, he would force the gates to the underworld open and unleash the dark ruler's armies into the world of man. HADES knows that he cannot pass through to the overworld until all of the seven gates are opened. This helmet is the only source that could be used for this purpose; however, the dark prince's plan is not foolish at all. To keep the artifact secure and to turn that plan to his profit, the dark GOD waited until the wizard found the artifact before releasing his ARCHFIEND army. The wizard fought the dark minions ultimately suffering a mortal wound with the artifact clinched in his hands. The, minions brought the artifact to the underworld along with the wizard's body. Hades claimed his soul and transfixed him into a dark warlock. The dark ruler then examined the artifact closer. This treasure was revealed to be the long lost HELMET OF HADES, a headpiece which gives its wearer some of the dark power of HADES while being able to enhance it's users mystical ability. This helmet also allows its user to command the armies of ARCHFIEND Skeleton minions. The artifacts most essential ability is its power to open the gates to the underworld.



*Fully interchangeable body with snap out limbs

*Long Ax




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