Preorder/Presale Policy

In order to offer a savings on items we often put them up for Preorder/Presale. When you purchase these items we require payment up front. This is done to protect us from non paying customers. We aplogize if this is an inconveience but at this time it is non negotiable. We pay for these items often via contracted terms so in order to offer savings we need to make sure the cost is returned in a manner that is expedient to our business and does not put us at risk.

Preorders/Presales are non-refundable, so please be sure you want to order the items before you checkout.

CHARGEBACKS: We make every effort to communicate with our customers, should you file a chargeback you will be penalized financially should the dispute rule against you and face possible banning for life as a customer. We take chargebacks very seriously, as they should only be done as a last resort. Chargebacks cost us time and money; time lost to deal with the legal battle, and fees incured by the credit card company filing the chargeback. If you lose a chargeback dispute, we will consider any payments you have made forfeit as restitution for violating our policies that you agree too when you purchase items on this site.

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